30+ reasons to look at sugaring more seriously.

When I was a teenager and I was going through puberty, I was taught that the only logical way to remove my now growing leg hair was to shave. I hated it from the very beginning.

From the nicks, cuts, irritated skin, dry skin, ingrown hairs, stubble, and the fact I had to shave EVERY SINGLE DAY, I hated shaving my whole life. In my twenties, I learned about waxing. "You mean you spread hot as heck wax on my skin and then rip the hairs out?" Okay, honestly, I have been waxed three times in my whole life and only once have had a bikini wax. I was never brave enough to go full Brazilian (until now...). I am 39 now (well, almost), have had 3 wonderful sons, two marriages and just learned in the past year and a half that there is a much better alternative. PopSugar, HuffPost Women and many other journalists have been getting to know sugaring as well. Just over the past five years, the popularity of this all-natural hair removal alternative has grown. It was not introduced into the United States until the 80's, but it has been around for MANY MANY years, dating all the way back to when Cleopatra ruled Egypt.

Let’s think about cost for a moment, shall we?

Please refer to DailyWorth's post entitled "Can Expensive Beauty Treatments Save You in the Long Run?
Cost of hair removal within One, Five and Ten years...
Cost over one year :
Shaving: $264
Waxing: $845 (session every 4 weeks or 13 times per year)
Laser: $3,240 (for 6 treatments)
~What about sugaring? $138.40
Lest we forget that there IS an all-natural, gentle alternative and it's been around far longer than any of these methods of hair removal. I make organic sugaring and it costs about $20 per jar. Each jar will provide 2-3 treatments (Legs and underarms as per your model). Treatments are every two to three weeks, lessening throughout time because follicle walls collapse and hairs grow back thinner, finer and sparser. Studies show that sugaring leads to permanency over time sometimes 3 years, sometimes up to 10 depending on the person and adhering to sugaring only. From my calculations (sticking to your calculations) sugaring will cost:
Sugaring $8.00 per session ($20 jar 8 oz ÷ 2.5 sessions) 17.3 sessions per year = $138.40 per year - (Less than 7 jars per year)
*no warming or heating, no raw skin, far less painful, easy warm water cleanup, no strips, chemical-free, all natural, ancient method, applicator provided for your choice finger method or applicator method (along with cornstarch and pure aloe).
*Waxing - Their model on dailyworth (closest method equivalent): $65 per session at 13 sessions per year = $845 per year
Gas to the salon, don't forget to tip your practitioner, painful, red and/or raw skin, heated, some have chemicals, not easily cleaned up, strips, gas home)
The first year, we can safely say 17 times sugaring session per year, though because the hairs hairs grow back thinner, finer and sparser that number will diminish over time.
2nd year we can say an average of 13 times per year.
3rd? 10.
4th year: down to about 6 or 7 timer per year (average person).
You (dailymotion) are calculating ten years and twenty, however, within about 5-7 years, most sugarers should experience permanency as long as they have been sugaring during the anagen stage of hair growth (1/8"). (See diagram below).
By year ten, the average of times per ten years for sugaring would be about 62 (17+13+10+7+5+4+3+2+1 = 62)
Total spent over ten year span for sugaring equals $496 (62 x $8 sessions).
How about how sugaring compares to your common hair removal methods in other aspects?

Please refer to Benefits of Sugaring (aptly named, huh?)

Yet another benefit of sugaring found in the cost factor.
JBHomemade - Organic Sugar Hair Removal and Sugar Scrubs

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