Exclusive! How To Use Sugaring Wax Tutorial instructions

The most common question that is asked me about sugaring gel/wax?
"Is it just like waxing in a salon?"
Well...yes and no.
There are similarities, yes. But that's where it ends.
There are so many DIFFERENCES that I can not say that sugaring is
"just like waxing in a salon".
Here's a comparison chart: (Click to Enlarge)Sugaring vs Waxing chart comparisonSugaring vs Waxing chart comparison
SUGARING WAX: Do not confuse sugaring wax with the above-mentioned wax. The charts above include waxes used at salons (hot wax, resin wax, etc).
Here's the low down on sugaring wax:


Sugaring Wax / Gel

Temperature Just melted
Thickness Applied very thinly over large area
Application With a wooden spatula, butter knife
Or applicator provided
Direction of Application Against natural
growth direction
Direction of Removal With the natural
growth direction
Method of Removal With plastic, cloth
or paper strips
(I provide 2 denim strips)
Hair Thickness Thin/Dark/Light
Goal Temporary lasting up to
three to four weeks
Hair Length  Trim if longer than 1/4"
Ingredients Organic cane sugar
fresh organic lemon juice
Mountain Spring Water
No chemicals or resins
How do you do it? Well, it could not be easier!
• Warm your sugaring wax ever so slightly, preferably, in a bowl of hot water until the wax has the consistency of syrup or honey*
surprisedRemember it should be somewhat warm, but NEVER hot! surprised
• Always start with clean, exfoliated and dry skin**
• Apply a thin layer of cornstarch provided (or baby powder).
• Using the applicator provided spread a thin layer of the sugaring wax in the OPPOSITE direction of hair growth in the desired area.
• Apply a denim strip.
•While holding the skin taut, rub the denim piece back and forth creating heat friction. This action ensures the sugaring wax can soak into your pores, coating hair follicles.
• QUICKLY remove the strip pulling in the SAME direction of the hair growth.
*Note: You can use a microwave in 10-second intervals not to exceed 30 seconds.
**It is highly recommended that you exfoliate your skin gently before sugaring.
See? Similar to waxing at a salon, but I would say, well for lack of better words, OPPOSITE! AND naturally gentle.

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