It's time to rebrand JBHomemade's Logo! Give your opinion for a special coupon code!

Well, it's time to reorder my business cards and I thought what better time to take a look at my current logo and see if I can improve upon it! As much as I love the lil me holding the organic pot in the garden, I have been told by a few people that it seems a bit juvenile. So, with that being said, I have made a few collages and am hoping for your honest opinions. Both for the logo itself and for the font. 

Here is the current Business Card (07/2014 - 07/2016):

Update: October 21, 2016
And here is the final design! I am thrilled with the way my new logo and business card design came out and wanted to share it with all of you! 

Hollyhocks are near and dear to my heart and an integral ingredient in some of the items in my skincare line. In fact, hollyhocks were the inspiration for me to start my skincare line, extending my offerings to you beyond sugaring for hair removal. We have a beautiful hollyhock garden and I use the petals and root system to make toners, masks and even hair toner. 

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