The destiny of a simple homesteader who met amazing sugaring

Having a fresh strawberry, banana and blueberry smoothie for breakfast beats my son going to school and having their carb/fat filled poor choices at school.

Using vegetables for our dinner out of our own garden beats going to the grocery store and buying produce that was grown...exactly where? How can I trust it? Is GMO or non-GMO? Organic or pesticides?
  I'd rather grow my own and know what I'm putting in mine and children's (yes and hubby's too) mouths. I'm not the only cook in this family who depends on our fresh veggies and herbs.
 My hubby is an avid bar-b-que'r.
His "cooker" as he calls it.
It’s as big as a 4x4 pickup truck.
  We live a holistic, organic lifestyle, but that doesn't mean we are vegan or vegetarians. We like our meat. Hubby hunts, processes our meat, has fur made, mounts antlers, we can our veggies, make tomato sauce, salsa, spaghetti sauce, we chop our own wood for fire, the list goes on. We also like our modern day conveniences. TV, internet (frickin' outrageous how much internet costs up here in the boonies!) 4 football fields off the road our little farmhouse sits in the middle of a crop field. This past season we had corn to the east, west and north of our house and tobacco to the south across the running creek and up the hill. (Paints a pretty picture huh?) I love it up here.
Soybeans 2015 In the Fall after they get the corn
Most mornings, around dawn, we are able
to see deer crossing the field
View from our front porch
  While we love our location and our off-road existence, we strive to save as much money as we can for our future homestead. In living holistically and organically, we are actually saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. Think of it. All the meat my hubby brings home...deer, turkey, quail, rabbit, hog, pig...we process it all and freeze. All the vegetables we grow through the season last us all year. Corn, bell peppers, okra, purple hull peas, banana peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans (snap)....we can and blanch/freeze it all. When I'm going to the grocery store I typically only spend about $50 a week (that’s on a bad week. A good week is about $40) for a household of 3 (one of which is a growing 14-year-old) and 2 dogs. So I'm saving money right?
Now take into account the money you spend on razors, shave cream, ingrown hair "helpers", depilatory creams like Nair, etc., OTC wax kits, going to a salon to get waxed (let me differentiate here...resin waxed), you spend bookoos of $. I was using a Mach 3 men's razor Lordy for the longest 15 years or so.
I've tried waxing at a salon three times in my life and I've tried at home wax once. Never Ever - Ever again. Worst pain EVER. To opinion here...worse than childbirth. Ah...I digress. So you see how much I was spending on shaving. Waxing at a salon costs in upwards of $100 a visit. Sugaring in a salon (if you can find a salon that specializes in REAL organic sugaring i.e. some salons market sugaring, however, what they are using is a resin wax with sugar added to it. ...hard to come by especially in our neck of the woods) is even higher! Organic Sugaring allows you to be butter smooth for about as long as a wax but without tearing off a layer of live skin, without the sensitivity for days afterward, without ingrown hairs, and without as much pain! I categorize Organic Sugaring under Holistic because, think of it... We are using NATURAL ORGANIC ingredients to beautify our skin, heal skin, exfoliate the skin and it even helps in removing impurities that cause acne resulting in clearer skin. Benefits? I think so. An 8 oz jar ($20) of my Organic Sugaring Paste lasted me a month on first use. Each jar thereafter you'll use less and less because hairs grow back finer and thinner and easier to glide out because in a sense you are training your hairs NOT to be shaven. Shaving leaves a blunt end and regrowth is thicker and darker. Sugaring results in hairs growing back in a fine point & thinner.

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