The Ultimate video guide: How to use Sugaring Paste at home

Organic, Natural Sugar Pasting the legs with JBHomemade's Organic Sugaring Hair Removal

Instructional tutorial pictures, close-ups and video all in one. Organic sugaring is and all natural and holistic hair removal method while gently exfoliating the skin. It helps clear skin as well while sugaring paste gently removes your unwanted hairs by the follicle, leaving petal soft skin.

I just can't get enough of talking and sharing about organic sugaring y'all.

Not only is it my business, it also fits my lifestyle of trying to live green, healthy, chemical-free, holistic, organic, NONGMO homesteading. We live on a rural farm in TN, hunt, and grow veggies, herbs, flowers all for our diet and medicine.

Join me in sugaring for hair removal. The Sugaring Revolution, if you will.

...find out what you COULD be doing differently there's so many more benefits to sugaring it still amazes me! No Shave November? Paaashaaww!! I laugh. Bahhahaahaha! I haven't shaved in months! I haven't waxed, shaved, had ingrown hairs, had sensitive skin, razor burn, stubble (yea! like when you get out of the shower after shaving and you get the goosebumps!
That's always a joy! *looks around** Crickets...* Y'all know what I'm talking about! It feels like you didn't shave at all! I don't get that with sugaring. My skin is petal soft without:
  • Picking up a razor (Um..non-degradable waste)
  • Using chemically concocted shaving creams
  • Even ones that literally chemically burn the hairs off of your skin
  • going to a salon! $$$$$
    (sorry, pros, but it's true ~in my own humble opinion, I realize not everyone will agree with me on this point~. I could not fathom spending $60 every two to three weeks to bear the pain of waxing. It's like masochism of some sort.)
  • Dealing with itchy, dry skin aftermath result of shaving
  • Dealing with Ingrown hairs!
  • Knicks from the razors
  • Red, irritated skin reaction to chemicals in some
    waxes and most creams
  • Shaving is a daily CHORE.
Instructional tutorial pictures, close-ups and video all in one for #sugaring hair removal! #jbhomemade blog
Join #jbhomemade for sugaring hair removal. Sugaring Revolution, if you will. Click to read more on the #blog
Go here to learn how to make your sugaring paste at home
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