Exclusive - How to use Sugaring Paste to remove underarm hair


This post covers exactly that.

How to use Sugaring Paste to remove underarm hair.

I know no one whats to talk about pit hair.
None of us LIKE pit hair.
Well, that is unless you're a manly man or a die-hard feminist.
But guess what? We ALL have to deal with underarm hair.
I mean, after all - we are mammals after all. But what about those of us who want smooth pits for more than a day (from shaving)?
OK, I'm sure you came here for a reason, so Let's jump right in, shall we?

There are three main reasons for sugaring your armpits.
  • Underarm hair grows pretty fast, so shaving it daily is a must.
    As we all know, daily shaving can cause irritation, ingrowns, etc.
  • If you have thick or dark hair, you can still see the hair follicle through the relatively thin skin in that area regardless or how closely you shave.
  • The hair in your armpits is a huge culprit for body odor.
    Removing the hair by the follicle eliminates odor until the hairs begin to grow back past the surface of the skin. Moisture plus hair is a great place for bacteria to grow.
  • Remember life before puberty?
    You didn't need deodorant then. The hormones of puberty caused hair growth in your armpits. And the subsequent stink thereafter.
Side notes**
  • Sugaring your own armpits can be a little scary but the right technique can make it pretty easy.
  • You will need moderate shoulder flexibility
  • You will need a mirror and cornstarch or powder.
  • Know in which direction your hairs grow on your armpits before hand.
  • Most likely, the hair under your arms grows in two main directions. You probably have have one main horizontal crease. Above that crease grows in one direction and what is below that grows in another. In the middle, there may be a swirly area. You may have to do two pulls over that area.
  • If this is your first time sugaring your armpits, you should not work in sections larger than your pinky finger or tip of the applicator provided.

Click play below to see it in action.

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