How much sugaring paste should you use?

Many people have sent me messages regarding this question. How much sugaring paste should I use? Will the 2 oz be enough to do...____?

Well, there's a simple "rule of thumb" to figure that out.
The 8 oz sugaring paste SHOULD be enough to do both legs from ankle to above the knee four times. This, though does depends on your studies - watch the tutorials, read through the tips and tricks, do your research on the method itself (the spread 1,2,3 flick sugaring method) beforehand so that you are more acclimated with the method and don't waste the sugar by not performing the method correctly.
Remember the key - #1: smaller the area smaller the ball
and #2: more sensitive the area the smaller the ball
On the legs, you will want to use a ball about the size of a golf ball which is just about equivalent to 1 oz. This makes 2 oz just perfect for doing the legs once.

So, for the 8 oz, for instance, you will get 4 uses. (2 oz per legs session x 4).

SO with that being said -
Legs (and back) typically use a ball about the size of a golf ball equaling about 1 ounce (half the sample size 2 oz)
While for the bikini area you're going to use a ball about the size of a nickel to as little as a pencil eraser. You'll notice the new applicator has two ends - small and large rounded. You'll want to use the small end for the bikini area.
Then we have the underarms. You'll use a ball about the size of a nickel.
Then we can go even smaller - the upper lip will use about the size of a dime, while the eyebrows about the size of a pencil eraser!
(The applicator helps eliminate heat transfer from fingertips to sugar so the sugar lasts longer).

Hoping this finds you well and these lil tidbits are helpful!

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