Getting a beautiful Clean Ponytail Look with Sugaring

I've been asked on a number of occasions to share videos of sugaring being done. I can share these professional estheticians performing sugaring all day long.
There's a lot of salons in populated areas such as
Seattle, WA, NY, Miami, LA, Fort Lauderdale and the like.
But until you have sugaring paste in your hand and
you are learning the method THAT is when you will have your
"AH-HA" moment and truly "get it" and understand HOW to sugar,
why it's so much more gentle and beneficial for your skin.
Sugaring removes hair from the back of the neck; keep the nape of your neck looking trim and smooth with sugar paste hair removal.

Vito Mazza Salon & Spa in Woodbridge, NJ
Presents Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring.
Men LOVE sugaring the nape of the neck! Why? Because the hair on the nape of the neck typically grows in before it is time to get a new hair cut. Most men will tell you they cannot stand the bushy, fuzzy hair that grows on their neck. The only drawback to this is that hair removal from this area is rather discomforting, more so than a Brazilian. The hair is strongly rooted and sometimes course. The discomfort will dissipate within 15-20 seconds. You can expect re-growth in 2-3 weeks, but it should be less dense and softer. The more you continue to this area, the finer your hair will become.
If you are a cosmetologist, this is a perfect example of a service you can offer your clients. Most cosmetologists I know have a passion for hair and not waxing. If you do offer waxing services to your clients, consider sugaring as an alternative. Sugaring is safer and yields superior results.
Nape of Neck Sugaring Hair Removal from Jamie Nelms on Vimeo.

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