Have you ever said you were delighted about your Brazilian wax?

The 13 Emotional Stages of Getting a Bikini Wax…We feel you, sister.

By Hallie Gould
Samantha on Sex and the City: "Jesus honey. Wax Much? I could be on death row and not have that situation." Waxing joke. The Joys of a Brazilian? by Hallie Gould "The 13 Emotional Stages of Getting a Bikini Wax" Image: JBHomemade ©2015 Words by Hallie Gould

1. Excitement (The morning of):

I so desperately need to get a wax. This is going to be great! It's almost the weekend. I'm going to feel divine!

2. Trepidation (About 10 minutes before):

Okay! Pants off. Now I'm nervous. Why do I get waxes anyway? What kind of maniac volunteers themselves for pain? I must be a masochist.

3. Anxiety (Just minutes before):

It sure is bright in here. Oh! And now you've turned on the lamp.
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4. Distress (She’s looking at you, there):

I'm officially spread eagle. Pretending it's not awkward. I should get an Oscar for this performance, just saying.

5. Slight Relaxation (Only momentarily):

Here comes the warm wax. That feels nice.

6. Denial (Three minutes, tops):

We're starting with the easy ones. This isn't so bad...
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7. Anger (For longer than expected):

Why are we still talking about my tan lines? I can't concentrate on this discussion while I'm getting hair pulled out of my body.

8. Sheer Dread (It's happening):

This must be what childbirth feels like. Oh no, this. is. the. worst. one. BREATHE.

9. Relief (The worst is over):

Phew. She's pretty good at this.
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10. Suspense (What is about to happen?):

Annnd now it's time for the requisite "flip over." Again with the Oscar-worthy performance.

11. Anger (You feel violated, raw):

Do not even think about going near me with those tweezers!

12. Relief (It. Is. Over.):

Okay, that feels mildly better. Whatever she's applying right now feels soothing.
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13. Happiness (Phew!):

Yes! Done! I feel amazing. I'm struttin' my stuff out of this office. But, I have to come back in 4 weeks. Le sigh.

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