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Thanks so much for following and participating in the growth of JBHomemade Organic Sugaring! I am setting up an email newsletter list for those of you who would like updates and truly would like to see my posts (Since Facebook has made this nearly impossible!)
A lil about me? Who's JBHomemade?
I live in rural TN. We do our best here to live frugally, holistically, organically, naturally, self-sustain and live off the land (my ol man hunts, processes our meat, chops our wood, we have a vegetable garden half the size of a football field, we can, make tomato juice, sauce, salsa, and grow our own herbs). I believe wholeheartedly in holistic herbal healthy lifestyle. Featuring my sugaring journey and organic, natural and botanical skin care on my blog and shares from fellow sugaristas who have inspired me throughout me journey.
MailChimp has allowed me to create a beautiful email for you. I will update you all on new items, new ideas, natural beauty, my etsy shop, video links for tutorials, blog posts, coupons and more!
If you are interested in being a part of this new adventure, please click here:
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