Exclusive! How To Use Sugaring Paste Tutorial instructions

The most common question that is asked me about sugaring paste? "Does it work?" or “How does it work?” “How do you do it?” I also get, (whilst giving me a look like "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?") Use sugar to remove my hair? Do what now?”
There’s soo much I could go into with you, the benefits, how much longer sugaring lasts than shaving, the fact that you don’t get stubble the next day (especially on your who-ha that’s a plus ~ can you say itchy regrowth after shaving? Uughhh~), or after a shower and you get the goosebumps...doesn't even feel like you shaved at all! How about the fact that when done properly, you won’t get ingrown hairs either? Sugaring also exfoliates your skin whilst
gently removing your hairs by the follicle ~from your eyebrows to your toes~ (If you’d like to know more about the history of sugaring, visit my post History of Sugaring
Ok, so are you ready to start this new adventure in an ancient method of organic, natural hair removal? Ok, lets jump right in! This picture tutorial will take you step by step by step using the applicator provided in all sugaring orders at JBHomemade (I also include a pouch of pure cornstarch and 1 oz pure aloe for natural aftercare). This tutorial covers HOW TO use JBHomemade's Organic Sugaring Paste, the ancient Egyptian method plus the applicator.
  • Fact #1: I added the applicator into the process because any HEAT that transfers from your fingers to the sugar will eventually make the sugar too warm to use. Using the applicator cuts that heat factor out. Keep in mind that the TRADITIONAL ANCIENT method is using ONLY your fingers. I will go over that method in another post. This one is easier to learn and I do believe easier to grasp.
  • Fact #2: If your goal is eventual hair removal permanency, 1/8th Inch is the length you need to sugar EVERY TIME - this is the Anagen stage. Please refer to post: The Science Behind Why Sugaring Can Lead To Permanent Hair Removal Happy sugaring!
  For a natural, organic Hair removal alternative leaving your skin as smooth as a petal at a fraction of the cost, pain level and completely natural means it is safe for the environment. (Residue if any can be easily rinsed down the drain in warm water)
~Jen with JBHomemade Sugaring and Skincare
Feel free and open to ask any questions in the comments below
Go here to learn how to make your sugaring at home
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