Behind the scenes! Revealing the simple packaging I use for sugaring.

Preparing Organic Sugaring Hair Removal for Packaging is a lengthy process. Each small batch yields 4 jars or 16 sample containers.

I am preparing this particular batch for an upcoming event, I am attending this weekend called the Girls Day Out in Bowling Green, Ky. I will be providing live demos all day. Guests will have the chance to Enter to WIN!
~THE WINNER WILL WIN a FREE Organic Sugaring Starter Kit including: 2 oz. Each Organic Sugaring Paste or Gel, Lemon Zest Sugar Scrub, and Oatmeal Mint Scrub!~

  Girls Day Out in Bowling Green KY
 Sugaring Wax vs Sugaring Paste Consistency

**All natural, organic ingredients! Providing smooth as a petal results lasting up to 2 weeks without the harshness of resin waxes and chemical filled depilation creams like Nair™

I use raw sugar, fresh squeezed organic lemons and a smidge of purified water. This method of hair removal dates back to ancient Egyptian times! Cleopatra herself used sugaring for hair removal even her eyebrows~ Reference 1 and Reference 2
 Cut the chemicals out of your skin care routine! You will see a noticeable difference from your first use! I'm a natural, self-sustaining homesteader creating natural, holistic skin care products
that make you feel silky smooth as a petal through sugar, herbal and floral exfoliation and natural hair removal.**
At the Scottsville Vendor Sale
At Girl's Day Out
Go here to learn how to make your sugaring at home
I’ll make your sugaring paste for you! Order today and receive your sugaring in about a week. Starting at only $5.99

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