I was a popular vendor today at the Carnival & Bazaar event!


My booth was decked out and guests had the chance to fill out the form to ENTER TO WIN a free Organic Sugaring Starter Kit.
Over 40 local businesses, bounce houses, carnival games, contests, door prizes and more!


We had a great time and got to meet many local businesses in our area.

 2838 Heights Circle Dr Greenbrier, Tennessee

What a sight when I pulled up to this building!
Beautiful inside and out, a large private K-12
Academy in a small quaint country town in TN.

2838 Heights Circle Dr Greenbrier, Tennessee 37073.
My booth set up, Display of organic Sugar Body Scrubs, and natural, herbal infusions, Display of organic Sugaring Pastes and Gels, with demo video, instructions, and informational pamphlets.

We had a great time with everyone today at the Bazaar and Carnival, met a lot of local shoppers, men and women. I demo'd the sugaring paste 11 times and got to come home with smooth legs! 11 demo's 11 sales! Can't beat those ratios!
Some of the guests who came to my booth specifically stated that they "had heard about (or seen my post about) sugaring and was looking for my booth", seeking me out among the many other vendors attending. I even had a man come to my booth this morning who had seen my posts on the event page and explained he shaves his arms because he has tattoos. He didn't want to respond to the post because he didn't want the public to know he thinks about hair removal on his arms. (You know, it IS a subject people are a bit hesitant to talk about.) I proceeded to explain to him that sugaring will last longer than shaving and that the hairs will start growing back thinner, finer and sparser. I also explained that while the sugar is removing the hairs, it is also removing a layer of dead skin cells, which is exfoliating. This results in more vibrant color in tattoos. I demonstrated the sugaring paste on the fellow's arm, which had I'd say a good 1/4" growth. A little long, I stated. You can use sugaring on hairs that are as short as 1/8" so he won't have to wait so long between sugaring. He was absolutely amazed that it didn't hurt. He had even braced himself a little before the first application. After realizing that it just feels like taking off a BandAid™, he relaxed and let me continue with great ease and comfort. And proceeded to purchase three jars!
Remember how I always say, "Once you have that AH-HA moment, then you'll understand why I want to spread the word so much!

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