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Sugaring the Bikini Area by JBHomemade OsasMama is the creator and author of this blog post dated July 10, 2010.Mind you...this is dated five years ago...with 10 comments spanning the 5 years.
But she hits a lot of great points when it comes to sugaring your own bikini area at home.
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Sugar (Wax) Your Own Bikini
I think the going rate for a professional bikini wax is between $30-$80,depending on where you live and how much surface area you're waxing.

~JBH (In my area of northern/middle TN there is ONE salon that offers to sugar and they charge $180 PER LEG).
Sugaring Salon Costs
Obviously, it will cost more to wax everything than to just clean up the sides and top. I see no reason to pay that unless you're pregnant and can't reach. With a little know-how and a little discipline, you should be able to do it yourself for what figures to about $1-$5.
The first time I waxed (yes, with wax, horrible stuff) my own bikini area years ago, I just reasoned it out until I got it right. I could find no information about it online. That needs to change. This post should cover everything you need to know about sugaring your own bikini.
Make Time for Yourself
First, if you are not already getting your bikini waxed, and your goal is to wax everything, don't. Just clean up the sides and top for your first time. You will be happy with it and the next time you do it you can take it a little further.
Bikini styles - where can you sugar?
Awesome Tip: Being hairless in this area increases sensation for many women.
You will need sugar paste, talc or cornstarch, and a hand mirror that's big enough to see well in. I think mine is about 7x8 inches. The bathroom floor is a great place to sugar your bikini area. It cleans easily and is conveniently located near water and a towel, while also being somewhat private. This may take you a lot longer than you think, so set some time aside. Remember that you will be using small balls of sugar paste and removing lots of hair. When you get too much hair in the paste, just throw it away and grab another ball.
Important: Keep the area dry. There is an inherent moisture issue because of where you're working, which could make the paste too gummy and difficult to remove, which can lead to unnecessary pain and possible bruising. The pain may also cause you to sweat. Reapply powder if you must. If this becomes a problem, you may need to rinse yourself with cold water, dry off, reapply powder and then move to a colder room.
I sugared everything for the first time a few days ago, I'm loving the smoothness and so happy I don't have to pay a professional for this anymore. I struggled with my labia and a lot of hair is still in that area but I will clean it up soon. I'm sure I'll soon be a pro. I recommend this to everyone but if you've never been sugared professionally, I would try that first.
tip: sugar as soon as your period is done. The estrogens released during and before your period make you more sensitive to pain and hair grows faster. Quite counterproductive!
The estrogens released during and before your period make you more sensitive. Sugar after your cycle! #Sugaring"
Determine how much hair you would like to remove and exactly from where before you start. Anonymous
There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty. I’m actually in for it – there’s no awkward moment, after all! However, this requires the utmost of care as you are without the guide of a professional. A tip: no alcohol intake before waxing. Alcohol makes the skin more sensitive. And that’s not very complementary with skin waxing. ;]
You won't believe how silky smooth you'll be "down there"! Anonymous
After having been sugaring my armpits successfully for a while, today I finally dared to sugar my labia - well, at least one of them ;-) Yes I am still alive, and yes I like how smooth and soft the skin feels. Hope I'll be able to do the other one tomorrow, right now I just got too much.Btw, I found it very convenient to it while sitting on the toilet, this is much more relaxed than squatting for that long.
The bikini triangle. If you are just cleaning up the sides, you can do this from a reclining position. Dust with powder first. Start with a ball of sugar paste just larger than a nickel. You will be working from the outside toward the center. The bikini hair that reaches your upper/inner thigh most likely grows downward. Apply the paste upward slowly and firmly. Do a section no larger than your pinky finger for the first pull. Pet it once downward. Let it sit for a few seconds. Hold the skin just above the area with one hand to keep it taught, and pull in one swift motion downward, parallel and close to the skin. Most or all of the hair should have come with it. You may do a second pull if need be. Not so bad? Move to the next section a little closer to the center. If it gets to be too much for you, work in smaller sections. It might be nice to switch sides now and then to give one side a break if you're having a hard time with it. That also keeps it even, so if you need to call it a day, you're at least symmetrical. If you have succeeded in completing both sides, congratulations. You might stick around for a couple of more pulls to clean up the top and complete your triangle. The hair most likely grows downward or inward in this area. Just apply the paste horizontally from the center line toward the edge. Rinse everything with warm water and pat dry. Feeling lovely with sugaring
Determine how much hair you would like to remove and exactly from where before you start. Have a plan! Which Bikini style do you like?
Plan ahead: How much hair and from where before you start. Which Bikini style do you like? #sugaring
The bottom of things. You ready? Now that you're comfortable with your bikini triangle, perhaps you would like to also clean up the bottom/back. You must be able to squat for an extended period of time. You will be working from as far back as you decide toward the front. Start by dusting. Place your mirror on the floor. Squat over your mirror. Surprise! You can see everything. The hair in the area is probably going to grow toward the front, toward the center line, or some combination. Apply paste accordingly. Interestingly enough, this area is not as sensitive as you would expect. This is probably because there are a little fewer hairs and some extra fatty tissue. This pattern ranges from about the vaginal opening to the surrounding area of the outer labia. If you made it through that, maybe next time you will be able to brave the whole shebang. How to use sugaring for the smoothest bikini you've ever experienced
I'm going bald. If you feel you're ready to handle sugaring everything, be advised that this last step is really the worst part. There is a high concentration of nerve ending surrounding the area of the clitoral glans. Everything around it and above it is very sensitive to pain. Also, the area just above probably has the highest density of hair per square inch. You may find it more bearable to work in sections no larger than 1/4x1 inch. However, once you've completed this area, assuming you've already completed the previous two sections, you will officially be hair free. From here on out, it's all about maintenance. When your hair grows back it will be less dense, and therefore a lot less painful. Do not let months go by before your next sugaring or you will have to start over. This whole section is best done from a reclining position. I'm so smooth down there you might want to hold on to something thanks to sugaring!
Author Credit: OsasMama another sugarista! From Jennifer (JBH) She's great, isn't she??
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